Investment Property

Regular wear and tear on your rental can not only affect the aesthetic of the home, it can also cause damage to areas unseen by the naked eye.

Our knowledgeable specialists help to troubleshoot any present issues with electrical, plumbing, and appliances while offering expertise on potential hazards such as voltage overload, drywall damage, and environmental effects.

We will even come over and change all your light-bulbs if that’s what you need!

Our installation and repairs services include and can be expanded upon:

  • Exterior Curb Appeal Construction
  • Interior/Exterior/Decorative Lighting
  • Upgrade/Troubleshoot Electrical Issues
  • Complete Home Reverse Osmosis Install
  • Appliance Troubleshoot/Installation/Removal
  • Interior/Exterior/Decorative Door Install and Repair
  • Ongoing Maintenance Issues/Garbage Disposal Install
  • Inspection/Installation of Safety/Security Devices
  • Toilet/Sink Leak Repair
  • Toilet/Sink Leak Detection
  • Clog Removal and Prevention
  • Fixture Repair (Toilets, Tubs and Sinks)
  • Faucet Leaks
  • Pipe Leaks
  • Flushing Issues

Investment Property

Flipping house is a popular trend in Arizona.  Our Real-Estate entrepreneurs trust us to guide them in making sound decision to protect their investment while making a profitable return.

Our network of residential and commercial professionals and materials suppliers help us to maintain a low overhead so that we are able to offer you competitive quotes to complete your renovation project in a timely manner.

Our sweat equity renovation services include and can be expanded upon:

  • Complete Paint/Patch/Texture Matching
  • Ceiling/Counter-top/Wood Surface Revival
  • Installation of New Kitchen/Bath/Lighting Fixtures
  • Cabinet Resurfacing and Hardware Upgrade
  • Cement/Stucco/Foundation Patches
  • Construction/Renovation of Additional/Existing Living Spaces
  • Exterior Fence/Gate Restoration
  • Improving Energy Efficiency of the Home
  • Exterior Painting/Trim Repair
  • Modernizing Existing Space with Simple Step Solutions
  • Cost Effective Light Fixture Upgrades

For a quick turnaround in your investment, our skilled craftsmanship helps make your home unique and rise above the competition!

Pre/Post Sale Consultations

We create opportunities for realtors and new homeowners to get the face-life their home needs so that it can be meet inspection guidelines!  Whether considering to sell your home or just purchased a fixer-upper, let Jeremy the Handyman offer solutions to make your budget stretch!

Homes built in the Arizona desert climate offer various challenges and surprises, we pride ourselves in knowing how residential communities are constructed so that we can provide you with the most sound advice.

Our consultation services include and can be expanded upon:

  • Safe Entry and Key Matching for All Entry Doors
  • Exterior Painting/Trim Repair
  • Recovering/Refinishing Existing Floors
  • Cost Effective Light Fixture Upgrades
  • Storage/Carpentry Solutions
  • Bringing to Fruition Affordable Pinterest Design Ideas
  • Framing Divided Walls/Doorways/Closets
  • Modernizing Existing Space with Simple Step Solutions

Whether you need plumbing, electrical, carpentry, or painting services, Jeremy the Handyman is well-versed in all trades; giving you a reliable solution for your residential project needs!