Rental Property Repairs

By entrusting Jeremy the Handyman to complete any rental property repairs, you can be assured that property values will increase.  Our familiarity with various HOA rules and regulations qualifies us to provide progressive solutions to any maintenance issues.

Our rental property repair services include and can be expanded upon:

  • On-going Maintenance
  • Move in/out Remodels/Renovations
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Window Treatment/Blind Installation
  • Interior/Exterior Renovations
  • Painting/Drywall/Ceiling Repair
  • Plumbing/Garbage Disposal Install
  • Soffit/Fascia/Roof Repair

We know how important your rental property is and we are here to help you to protect your investment!

Maintenance Strategies

Ongoing repairs on rental properties can minimize profit and decrease occupancy.

Whatever your budget, Jeremy the Handyman can increase tenant commitment by offering proactive solutions to major problems.

Our maintenance services include and can be expanded upon:

  • Troubleshooting Appliance Issues
  • Revitalizing Exterior/Interior Aesthetic
  • Addressing Plumbing/Electrical/Tile Issues
  • Weatherproofing Exterior Doors/Windows
  • Installing Gutters/Downspouts
  • Repairing Broken/Damaged Windows
  • Securing Stairs/Steps/Ramps for Safety and Ease of Use
  • Resolving Environmental Issues such as Mold/Rodents

With so many factors affecting your investment property, allow our specialists to check ongoing repairs off the list!

Investment Property Assurance

Your rental property is an investment; whether you manage one or many!

Jeremy the Handyman offers you a peace of mind with our skilled craftsmanship and excellent customer services skills to ensure that you are always informed and at ease.

Our investment assurance services include and can be expanded upon:

  • Emergency Repair Calls
  • Managing Repairs on a Fixed Income
  • Increasing Utilities Efficiency
  • Tenant to Landlord Communication
  • Complete Reports/Invoices of Completed Repairs
  • Competitive Pricing on Materials/Labor/Parts
  • Accurate Timeline Management
  • Respectful/Safe On-site Repairs for Tenant

Your home and tenants are also our customers so that you can be represented with the utmost consideration when we are addressing any rental property repairs and renovations!