Most places in the Valley of the Sun are experiencing Spring.  The weather is err … warmer and Phoenicians are grabbing their tissues to welcome allergies from the flowering Palo Verde trees.

What’s more, people are starting to begin their Spring Cleaning. Where it’s your home, closets, or cupboards; it’s a time to celebrate the break in the err … cold weather and enjoy the outdoors before the Scathing Summer sets in.

Jeremy the Handyman wants to offer you a few different ways to Spring Clean.  In these series of Beyond the Mop and Broom, we want to showcase new discoveries within your home which can prolong the age of your home and provide improved quality of life.

The first in our lineup is replacing the roof turbine. There are many 威而鋼
com/stry/advantages-of-turbine-roof-vents#b” target=”_blank”>advantages to changing out the turbine vent:

  • Environmental Impact:
    • Powered by air, no need for electricity
    • Less noisy
    • Cool the attic so less need for AC units in the Summer


  • Effectiveness:
    • Can remove over 300 cubic feet of hot air in each minute
    • Even if there is no wind speed to drive the turbine, they still allow hot air to rise through the open flaps of the turbine
  • Aluminum Turbine Roof Vents:
    • Less likely to rust
    • Better investment

Most recently Jeremy the Handyman replaced a copper turbine for a customer.  The aged and rusted part was replaced for a new home listing and helped to increase the value of the home with this simple fix.

Turbine Replacement

To find out how we can help you with make your home more efficient in the summer, contact us: