Our work is our guarantee!! That goes for the products we shop as well.

We work to ensure safety with each residential and commercial project completed.  Whether you a one-time customer or a Customer for Life, we work to ensure your safety each time!

One of our customers was forced to kick down the bathroom door to rescue a locked student inside.

Commercial builders buy cheap and in BULK!! So the mechanisms can be faulty and cause more damage in the future.

With better product and ‪#‎qualityworksmanship‬, we can save you precious $$ and ensure that YOUR customers and loved ones are also safe.

Remember, the lowest price tag NOW may cost you beaucoup bucks later.

Let us help you make the best decision for your budget and install the product so you can protect what matters the most!

#‎qualityworkmanship‬ at an ‪#‎honestprice‬


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