In case you missed, Part 1 and Part 2, of our Spring Cleaning series; fret not, there is still plenty of time to catch up and complete those home improvement items.

On a beautiful day like today, where the wind is tousling the leaves and branches around outside, it is a perfect day to complete those indoor Spring Cleaning projects.

Featured on our Spring Cleaning Tip today, we want to discuss the importance and immediate aesthetic quality of applying touch-up paint.

Heavy traffic areas in the home can accrue a lot of wear and tear.  Most people think of replacing these areas with durable floor covering.  Have you thought of other heavy traffic areas in your home?

We scratched our heads and observed the areas in our home that get more than just our feet beating them up.  We noticed that subtle wear and tea犀利士
r were occurring near:

  • Frequently used light switches. ie: in the bathroom, hallways, bedrooms
  • Bathroom and Cabinet doors. ie: nicks and chips in paint
  • Loose door handles and locking mechanisms from repeated use
  • Creaky and dusty fans from loose screws and  (Ummm … ) the cold winter Phoenix months
  • Loose and dirty Baseboards and door trim

And these are just some of the MANY!!

We want to showcase, how a little paint can make a BIG difference in another commonly forgotten area: the underside of your island counter!

A place that serves as gathering place for children doing homework, taste testers for dinner, and even an office center can take a lot of wear and tear. From scratched and peeling paint to transferred paint from your chairs to the scruff marks of those little and big shoes, YEP! the underside of your island counter may need some extra TLC this Spring Cleaning Season!!

Check out the transformation!

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Spring Cleaning Tip: Touch-up paint in those forgotten high traffic areas.

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